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Tiny annual calendar

Long ago I made a tiny calendar that shows a whole year at once, which I used to track habit streaks. I've recreated it here. For 2023 it looks like this:

A tiny calendar of 2023

Besides tracking habits, I kept one hanging off the bottom of my external monitor, and every day I marked off the day before. I appreciated the awareness that gave me of the year's passage.

Now, however, instead of simply observing the year go by, I use this calendar to plan what I'd like to do in the year that remains. I'm not a natural planner, so having the whole year in one view helps me find gaps between responsibilites when I can travel or go camping.

I have some small annotations on it for family birthdays and work holidays, as well as occasional highlights about things in the past that made an impact on the year as a whole. At the end of the year, I'm planning to use these accumulated notes to reflect on the year and start mapping out the next.

If you have suggestions for improvements to the calendar, feel free to email me.